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Type Ore Weight 20
Buy From NPC -- Sells to NPC 550z
  Pure Oridecon metal. Widely known as the Blessed Metal, it can increase the damage of weapons once welded to them. Used to temper Level 3 and 4 weapons.
Dropped by
Osiris, Baphomet, Doppelganger, Mistress, Nightmare, Golden Thief Bug, Orc Hero, Baphomet Jr., Deviruchi, Drake, Eddga, Joker, Maya, Moonlight Flower, Phreeoni, Orc Lord, Alarm, Rybio, Phen Dark, Mysteltainn, Ogretooth, Executioner, Anolian, Wanderer, Cramp, Abysmal Knight, Hatii, Gryphon, Chimera, Maya Purple, Cat o' Nine Tails, Majoruros, Diabolic, Rotar Zairo, Evil Nymph, Bloody Murderer, Mineral, Archdam, Dimik, Dimik, Dimik, Dimik, Ice Titan, Incarnation of Morocc, Incarnation of Morocc,