This event is now over

Thanksgiving Quest

Step 1

Talk to Turpeco in Morroc just south of the inn.
Give Turpeco 50 Jellopy

Step 2

Turpeco asks for the “competition to be thinned out”
Kill 30 Peco Pecos
Return to Turpeco

Step 3
Inside the inn, talk to Chef Oda
Step outside, Talk to Turpeco and select “it's a cookbook!”

Step 4

Back inside the inn, speak to Chef Oda.
A list of different food stuffs will appear, one of which is the correct one.
5 of each are required and all are consumed until the correct foodstuff is selected.
Not all options need to be chosen for the correct one to appear

Collect reward from Turpeco.

Required level : 45


  • 1x Vintage Orc Helm or 1x Indian feather Headband
  • VIP- 750k Base/Job EXP
  • Non VIP - 500k Base/Job EXP

Items required

  • 50x Jellopy
  • 5x Meat
  • 5x Egg
  • 5x Fish Tail
  • 5x Fresh Fish
  • 5x Tentacle
  • 5x Grape
  • 5x Potatoes
  • 5x Strawberries